Updated 2012 Fantasy Tight End Rankings (July 17)

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Source: ESPN.com

I’m finishing up my updated position ranking with tight ends and receivers. I look at tight ends here and I’ll hit receivers later on in the week. Like quarterbacks and running backs, I’m starting to settle on tight ends, especially the Top 20. However, I’m still tinkering with the bottom half of my ranking as training camps approach. Here now are my Top 40 fantasy tight ends for 2012.

2012 Fantasy Tight End Rankings
(Last updated July 17)

Rankings are based on a 12-team league flex format with 1 point awarded per reception

1. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots
2. Jimmy Graham, Saints
3. Aaron Hernandez, Patriots
4. Jermichael Finley, Packers
5. Antonio Gates, Chargers
6. Jason Witten, Cowboys
7. Vernon Davis, 49ers
8. Jermaine Gresham, Bengals
9. Fred Davis, Redskins
10. Brandon Pettigrew, Lions
11. Jacob Tamme, Broncos
12. Tony Gonzalez, Falcons
13. Brent Celek, Eagles
14. Jared Cook, Titans
15. Dustin Keller, Jets
16. Greg Olsen, Panthers
17. Owen Daniels, Texans
18. Kyle Rudolph, Vikings
19. Coby Fleener, Colts ↓
20. Ed Dickson, Ravens
21. Tony Moeaki, Chiefs
22. Dwayne Allen, Colts ↑
23. Lance Kendricks, Rams ↑
24. Kellen Winslow, Seahawks
25. Benjamin Watson, Browns
26. Heath Miller, Steelers
27. Dennis Pitta, Ravens
28. Luke Stocker, TE Bucs
29. Kellen Davis, Bears ↑
30. Charles Clay, Dolphins ↑
31. Zach Miller, Seahawks ↑
32. Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars
33. Rob Housler, Cardinals ↑
34. Martellus Bennett, Giants
35. Scott Chandler, Bills
36. Dallas Clark, Bucs
37. Joel Dreessen, Broncos ↑
38. Anthony Fasano, Dolphins
39. Brandon Myers, Raiders
40. John Carlson, Vikings

In the Mix
Evan Rodriquez, Bears
Chris Cooley, Redskins
Michael Egnew, Dolphins
Ladarius Green, Chargers

Going Up

Hernandez - The more I think about the tight end position the more I think the best value in terms of grabbing an elite talent is selecting Hernandez in Round 5. I’m not suggesting for a second that Gronk won’t put up big numbers but Bill Belichick is a proactive coach. He knows defenses are going to do whatever they can to try and stop Gronkowski this year and that should open things up even more for Hernandez. The bottom line in my book is the Patriots have two Top 5 fantasy tight ends, so if you don’t want to use a first round pick on Gronk, getting Hernandez four rounds later isn’t a bad consolation prize. I think he’s going to have a monster season in 2012.

Allen - I had Allen ranked as the top tight end in this year’s draft class and I still say he’ll be the best player at that position when it’s all said and done. I love that people are drooling over Fleener. What games did Fleener impress you in? San Jose State? Duke? You realize Stanford played the easiest schedule in the country last year and Fleener had Andrew Luck throwing to him, right? Despite all that Fleener caught a whopping 34 passes. Now, Fleener is in a great situation because he got teamed with Luck once again in Indianapolis but I believe Allen is the more talented player overall. I was watching a couple of Clemson games over and the announcers mentioned something interesting. They said the Clemson coaches moved Allen all over like the Patriots do with Hernandez because he’s so athletic. I’m telling you, this kid is the real deal and people aren’t even sniffing him because Fleener had one huge game against Washington State last year. You watch how many people add Allen to their fantasy team by the end of September.

Clay - Check out a recent article I did for Dynasty League Football to see my thoughts on Clay.

Coming Down

Daniels - This is one of those situations where I believe Daniels will be much more valuable to the Texans than he will be to fantasy owners. I think Daniels is a very good blocker and he’ll put up respectable numbers if he stays healthy but his days of being a starting fantasy tight end are over. He’s more valuable blocking for Arian Foster than he is as a receiver in 2012.

Winslow - Winslow is being drafted in Round 14 on average. My question is, why? That’s like taking a draft pick and throwing it out the window. I would rather take a shot on a Tony Moeaki late in the draft over Winslow. I can’t see any scenario where Winslow is a starting fantasy tight end this season. He’ll help the Seahawks power running game as a blocker but you don’t get any fantasy points for that. Winslow is a player on the decline and he may have Tarvaris Jackson throwing to him. Those aren’t strong selling points.

Lewis -The more I look at this Jacksonville offense the more I want to puke. Hey puke, that’s a funny word. I don’t see one Jaguars player, other than Maurice Jones-Drew, that I want in a re-draft league this year. Maybe Justin Blackmon if he stays off the sauce. I just can’t envision a world where people are starting Lewis as their fantasy tight end this season.

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  1. #nerd says:

    The more i see Gronk on TV the more i think, how can that crazy cat do that again. The more i think of Jimmy, and Drew’s thirteen 300+ passing games last year, the more i think he’s the new Gronk in 2012. I’ve been trying to find the sweet spot to go TE/QB with first two picks. Mocked this from the eight hole today. I think 17 as late as smart to wait for one of the top QB’s. Have Cam ranked 18th overall so i’ll take him there if he’s all that’s left. Could probably do this from 9-12 also, but trying to jump on my RB’s ASAP come round 3. 12Team PPR, start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flex 1DST 1PK

    Jimmy Graham
    Matthew Stafford
    Fred Jackson
    Doug Martin
    Brandon Lloyd
    C.J. Spiller
    James Starks
    Michael Crabtree
    Darrius Heyward-Bey
    Anquan Boldin
    LeGarrette Blount
    Andy Dalton
    Vincent Brown
    Alex Green
    some DST
    some PK

    I’ve never backed up RBs like that before, probably never have all 6 of those stars align to give me 3 complete running games again, but i think id like it if it did.. tell me what you think.

    • I don’t think you’re in awful shape. The only change I would have done is maybe go receiver again after Lloyd. I see what you are trying to do by getting Spiller there to back up Jackson but I think overall you are OK with Jackson, Martin, Starks, Blount and Green. I think you need one more receiver. Crabtree and DHB are good picks where you got them but if you could have gotten one more productive receiver to start alongside with Lloyd instead of an extra back, I think I would have gone that route instead. But then you wouldn’t have those three tandem of running backs either.

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