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Source: I finish up my updated position rankings with wide receivers. After a lot of moving around my receivers are finally beginning to look like a finished product. I never thought I would be saying that back in April but there wasn’t much movement in my Top 40 for the first time since I [...]

Source: In our latest edition of Fantasy Faceoff, Fantasy FB Pundit and I battle it out over Jahvid Best and James Starks. Following my resounding victory in the first Fantasy Faceoff we did, I thought I’d be a good host and give Pundit a fighting chance this time, so I let him take Best, [...]

Source: I’m finishing up my updated position ranking with tight ends and receivers. I look at tight ends here and I’ll hit receivers later on in the week. Like quarterbacks and running backs, I’m starting to settle on tight ends, especially the Top 20. However, I’m still tinkering with the bottom half of my [...]

I wanted to let all 11 of my loyal readers know that I’m currently dealing with a health issue that is going to restrict the amount of time I can devote to the blog over the next couple of months. I was hoping to really turn up the coverage once training camps start but that [...]

Source: I continue to update my position rankings with a look at running backs. I feel the running backs are finally starting to fall into place for me. This was the first time I really felt good after I was done ranking them since I started back in April. So as of mid-July I’m [...]

Source: It’s been a month since I updated my rankings, so I’ll be hitting each position over the next week. Here’s how it’s going to go down for the rest of the summer. I’ll be updating my preseason positional rankings three more times. This week, when training camps start and then I’ll release my [...]

Source: I have no idea why but people are always asking me to give them fantasy football advice. If I could single out one piece of advice I wish every single person would follow it would be the following: If you’re one of those owners who spends the two weeks after your draft doing [...]

Source: Every year I have a few players that for some reason or another I don’t want on my fantasy team. That’s not to say these guys don’t have fantasy value, I just don’t want them personally. You will see me use the word “headache” in this post. I don’t like headaches when it [...]

Source: This will be my final mock draft of the season. I’m competing in the Pros vs. Joes 26 round draft at the end of the month. Then in August I will be holding my start-up dynasty league draft and my Fire Sale Fantasy League draft, so I’ll be posting the results from all [...]

Source: Receiver is always the toughest and most interesting position to try and rank, especially when it comes to dynasty leagues. No other position allows owners the chance to try and nab the “next big thing” quite like receiver. Here are my updated Top 35 dynasty league receivers, along with some rookies to keep [...]