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Source: After looking at undervalued players based on early Average Draft Position (ADP), I now look at some guys I feel are being overvalued. Remember, just because I think someone is being overvalued it doesn’t mean I don’t like that player. It simply means I feel he’s being drafted too high for one reason [...]

Source: Now that I’m finished with my rankings for a while I thought I would delve into some ADP stuff and look at players I feel are being undervalued and overvalued. The value of a particular player can mean different things to different people. I may think there ‘s a lot of value in [...]

Source: I finish my updated position rankings with quarterbacks. There’s some turnover at the top, as a young gun has broken through in my rankings and ended the two-month stranglehold enjoyed by the Big 3. Overall the quarterback position seems to be settling in with most of the movement coming in the 15-30 range. [...]

Source: I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I figured it would be a good time to take another look at receivers given Hakeem Nicks‘ latest injury. I didn’t downgrade Nicks much in these rankings but he’s starting to pile up the injuries and that’s concerning from a fantasy perspective. The biggest winner [...]

Source: The tight end position had a bit of a shakeup when Kellen Winslow was traded to Seattle and the Buccaneers then signed Dallas Clark. I’ve set the over/under for Clark going on Injured Reserve at Week 4. Considering I like the under, that tells you how much worth I think Clark has to [...]

Source: I try not to look at my rankings too much after positing because every time I do I want to update them. Well, I got caught looking at my running back rankings and the next thing you know I’m moving guys around again. The top of my rankings remain unchanged but there’s some [...]

Source: I created this blog two months ago, so a lot of my time has been spent evaluating rookies because we were right in the middle of the NFL Draft. Since the draft ended a month ago, the rookie class has been discussed to the point where it’s almost becoming counterproductive. I mean how [...]

Source: I like to partake in some mock drafts to track the trends of where players are getting selected. I do 15-20 mocks over a couple of weeks and it’s not for me to try and draft a great fantasy team. I select guys based on my draft board but the main reason I [...]

Source: I broke down Average Draft Position (ADP) a couple of weeks ago and I’ll be looking at it again soon because I feel it’s the most important thing for fantasy owners to know heading into drafts. The ADP of rookies is particularly important because it offers the most movement from week-to-week. Whether it’s [...]

Source: I formed my own dynasty league last week and it looks like we’ve put together a strong group of owners. I’m pumped because I haven’t played in a dynasty league over the last couple of years but in my opinion, it offers the most fun for serious fantasy owners. I have the 11th [...]