I have been fortunate enough to work for some great media outlets over the years. I worked in the NFL for a while and also covered the University of Syracuse basketball team for CBS Sports. In the past I’ve contributed to fantasy sites like Sports Grumblings, 4for4 and some others that probably don’t even exist anymore.

I currently write a fantasy football column, The Fire Sale, for SI.com and The Feeding Frenzy for Fantasy Sharks. I’m also a staff writer for Dynasty League Football (DFL), so you can find my inane ramblings all over the Internet.

I’m a college football nut. There are very few people on the planet who follow college football as closely as I do. I study every team in the country and I haven’t missed a college football Saturday in 14 years. I’ve passed on weddings, funerals and spending time with my family to watch college football. I’m a sick, sick man.

While I’m technically a member of the media I think for the most part sports journalism is in decline. People are more interested in catch phrases and being cute than actually discussing sports. Maybe I’m wrong and a majority of sports fans actually enjoy that stuff but it’s not for me.

I consider myself the guy on the couch watching sports who just happens to be able to communicate through writing. The guy on the couch knows Todd Haley can’t coach, even if no one in the mainstream media will state the obvious. That’s why I created this blog. While you may not always agree with me, I feel that most of the time I represent the voice of the people.

I’m going to look at a lot of different aspects of football; including the NFL, college, fantasy, coaching and how the media slants its coverage to tell the story it wants. I figured everyone else on the planet has their own blog, so I may as well create one too. Let’s see where it goes.

One final note: I’ve been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys for over 30 years and I despise Jerry Jones. If you follow this blog long enough, that will become quite obvious.

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  1. mikeyB says:

    Tom, check out this about Erik on PFWinprog.com, hilarious!


  2. adam says:

    Hi love the site, just wondering if you have plans to add some dynasty rankings to the site. For all the diehard dynasty leagers. Thanks

  3. Rudy Sucks says:

    YES! My favorite column on SI.com weekly was Fire Sale. In fact, I practically set my lineup by it. In addition, I drafted and held onto Demarco Murray for weeks because you loved him so much. Thanks for making me look like a genius. I will be bookmarking this site and using it for my draft.

    Is it August yet?

    • Thanks a lot for checking out the site. I’m glad I could help you out last season. Hopefully I can give you a couple more good nuggets this year. Thanks again.

  4. Bashman says:

    Any plans to add IDP rankings, news, sleepers, etc.?

    • That’s not my strong suit. I don’t really play IDP. I tried it a couple of times and it just didn’t appeal to me. I know a guy who is one of the best in the industry at IDP projections though, so I’ll ask him if he’ll do some rankings for me and put them up in the future. This guy has been doing IDP rankings and articles since 1996, so he knows his stuff. I’ll get in touch with him this weekend and see if he can help me out in that area.

  5. Kenzie MacNeil says:

    hey pigskin,
    I’m a huge fan of your blog, it’s nice to know that there are still some intelligent football die hards like yourself out there. i live for football and especially fantasy, so i was looking for a little input from ya if you have the time. i have a slight problem on my hands, i’m part of a 12 team PPR keeper league. we get to keep 3 players and i need some reassurance that i’m keeping the right guys. my first keeper is easy, Cam Newton (who everyone made fun of me for drafting in the 5th round last year). the 2nd is Gronk, another no brainer. however the 3rd is a tough call, i’m leaning toward Jimbo Graham because of his potential trade value or as a flex starter. Or should i go with Demarco Murray (who i also got flak for drafting last year). do ya think that dallas losing their fullback (fiamatta) will really have a big impact on murray’s production. i should also note that my league is one of those stupid ones where you can start a QB in flex (which drives me fucking crazy) so starting Jimbo at flex isn’t my first choice when i can probably draft RGIII to fill that position.

    sorry about the novel i just wrote, guess i had a lot to say, thanks.

    • Thanks for following the blog Kenzie, I appreciate it. Do me a favor, e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know the rounds you have to give up for each of those two. I would hate to lose Graham in a keeper league but since you already have Gronk, you can’t really start two tight ends because of those ridicolous rules and Murray showed potential as a rookie, I would lean with keeping the RB. That would give you a starting three of Cam, Gronk and Murray. Let me noodle with it though. Drop me a line and we can discuss the situation further. Thanks for the question. I have to say, this is a unique one because normally you would just start Gronk and Graham and be done with it.

  6. irish says:

    Hate The Jerry…….

    • Why? You don’t like being mediocre and not winning anything for two decades? You don’t like a guy who hires coaches based on who he plays golf with? That’s surprising. If any Dallas fan still supports Jerry Jones and the way he runs his franchise I want that person to come to my home, look me in the eyes and give me a serious reason why. If they mention those Super Bowls I can dismiss them of knowing anything right away considering Jimmy Johnson made virtually every personnel move at that time. I’m pretty sure Jerry’s track record since Johnson left is absolute proof of that.

  7. Jeff Ellmaurer says:

    Your writing is superb Tom! It’s refreshingly different from most of the other self proclaimed fantasy gurus out there who all seems to follow the pack when issuing their “forecasts”. Keep up the great work and rest assured you have loyal readers out there who value your opinion and perspective…even if we don’t always agree with it :)

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