Fantasy Links

People always ask me what other fantasy sites do I visit personally? Here is a list of quality sites that I highly recommend.

Fantasy Rundown

This site should be bookmarked by anyone who plays fantasy sports. Fantasy Rundown has a list of daily links and also updates position rankings, so you don’t have to look all over the Internet for the information. Fantasy Rundown has everything owners need on a daily basis. It’s like a Costco for fantasy owners. I love this site.

Sports Grumblings

Home of the Mighty Max computer that ranks players each week based on a bunch of useful statistics. The owner of Sports Grumblings is one of the Godfathers of fantasy football; John Georgopoulos. You won’t find many people on the planet that know more about fantasy football than John. He also has a good eye for talent. Thirteen years ago he hired a brash, young Pigskin Guy to write a controversial column called The Fire Sale. OK, so his judgement is suspect but the guy does know his fantasy football.


Josh Moore runs this informative fantasy football site that’s best known for its accurate rankings, both preseason and in-season. I used to write for 4for4 and I think their weekly in-season rankings are the best in the business. Josh isn’t only one of the nicest guys in the fantasy industry, he’s one of the most knowledgeable. 4for4 should be on your short list of go-to fantasy football sites.

Dynasty League Football

This site is a must for anyone playing in a dynasty league. DLF has it all including dynasty rankings, draft strategy,  player updates and mock drafts. There aren’t many fantasy sites that I feel the need to visit daily. Dynasty League Football is one of those sites. It’s a tremendous resource for dynasty league owners. I’m a staff writer at DLF but despite that obvious drawback, it’s still a very good resource.

Fantasy Sharks

The Sharks make up one of the most formidable group of fantasy football writers around. There are all kinds of articles during the season to satisfy owners in any type of fantasy league. If you’re looking for a site that has everything you need to succeed in fantasy football,  you’ll be hard pressed to beat Fantasy Sharks. Also, if you’re into trading be sure to check out my column, The Feeding Frenzy, every Tuesday during the season to find out which players to sell high and buy low.


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